Family Values – 2009 big photo project

The end of the 2008 and the begin of 2009 has been so really special. 

Ok, a bit of history, my father has been a photographer even before I was born. He was journalist, studio photographer and also a commercial photographer. Time pass and I start to understand a lot of myself through him, through our similarities and also through our differences. Actually he don’t take pictures (Im trying to fix that) but is always being the most tough of the critics about my and my brother’s work -that is really a pain in the ass, but is also an amazing experience- and this first day of the new year we were sharing memories about family, life and death, about love, companion, women, kids, etc.

We share this moments with two of my brothers: Bla and :iconyuluts: and that was really an amazing couple of hours eating like pigs, drinking beer but specially talking a lot and listening a lot more.

I almost never take photos in front of my dad; respect, fear, loss of confidence, whatever, but he insisted we will take some familiar, vernacular photos, without pretensions. My bro’s, he and me took some photographies with a bad camera, and later I begun to play with an old film camera. And in some moment I started to complain about how much I needed a good professional, expensive, digital camera; and he looked me and with that kind of paternalist way, put his hand in my shoulder and told me: Is not the camera, is the man behind it… I really feel ashamed, I believe in it, I’ve worked based on that premise for all this time, and now, he have to remember me it. Was great, really great indeed.

I love my family, my friends, my pets. Family is all for me, was all for my grand pa, is all for my dad; he calls it some kind of genetic traces, my godfather and uncle believed the same. Is something in your blood which defines a lot of you, don’t condemn you to be any particular way, but it guides you a lot of times.

This year a postponed project have begun to have life on his own. The most complex of the projects for me. I will begun to register my family inner affairs, my most beloved people. Maybe it will be complicated, will be painful, will be joyful, but in any case it will be valuable.

Time pass on… why we photograph? to remember indeed.

I’ll post the photos on my Deviantart account and include thumbnails here…
Juan González my dad.


My step bro Yuluts
My step bro Yuluts


My bro Bla, Mi hermano Bla


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