Anthotypes book for release in January 2012

The amazing people of will release a book about anthotypes including some works of mine among many great artists. I feel so proud of it.


3 thoughts on “Anthotypes book for release in January 2012

  1. Just purchased the book. It is an excellent book both for the information and beautiful examples. I am planning the start of retirement this June around that book. 🙂 Hope to eventually post trials & errors and successful examples of work on my photo-blog . From the point of teaching, the topic and the book beautifully combines so many subject areas, including media, art, environmental sciences, and First Nations Cultural Studies. My only complaint is that there is no index to locate works by specific contributors.

    1. Is great maybe you will let me to send your post to Malin, the author of the book. Please let me to know about your trials and errors, it will be great to see.


      1. No problem with that.. I visit the alternative photography site fairly often. I have a link to it on my blog and hve mentioned it in several posts. 🙂

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