Technique vs concept?

Questioning my work, my goals and my pathway as an artist.

A visual journey to the inside of Silvino González

As a visual artist I’ve found my work in alternative processes (salt prints and gum prints specially) becoming a repetition of common places and subjects. Maybe its part of my learning curve, and the need to evolve from what is basic in terms of concept before to pursue something more daring visually and intellectually.

But I fear that maybe is part of the mainstream I’ve noticed in many of the people who employ these techniques as part of their creative processes.

My bachelor’s degree project was made, half of it, employing salt prints. But was a bet to something different (I hope so) than the simple repetition of a ninth century set of techniques. My bet was to express my thoughts about the role of be a man in my culture and for that I used analogical and digital processes. After that I think I’ve been chasing my tail and…

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