Looking Back Salt prints (Hand’s gestures)

A visual journey to the inside of Silvino González

In every process in which the substance which reacts with the light is applied by hand you can see a lot of information of the printer / photographer / artist. Every person have a personal approach and style, even when we emulate others an small fragment of ourselves lies in the tools and technique employed preparing the surface for capture an image.

Clean borders, the traces of the strokes, the intensity of our decissions are transfered in many ways to the finalimage.

For me the strokes are important, the experimentation with surfaces, the need to make obvious the hand of the artist and the “imperfections”.

All those elements are part of what make unique a photograph, in my work there’s a lot of randomness and uncertainty and that’s is part of my “style” at least for now.

This image tests some of those ideas to certain extreme, I wanted to…

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