Salt prints over gum: For Carlos Bernal

A visual journey to the inside of Silvino González

Mr. Bernal is a great friend, a great artist and one of the persons I really admire as designer and creator.

Theses pieces came from 2 of his negatives, part of the series of photographs of his time living in Buenos Aires, I love some of those images and he gave me the honor to manipulate it in my own way.

I include first on of the digital editions I’ve made of the scans of those negatives.

Now he is travelling to France and my ostracism and paranoia induced by meds stopped my wish to give him 2 salt prints over gum created from his negatives.

Bot are experiments, attempts to break my own paradigms, are in the middle of other processes but also pieces independent and projects in itself.

I love both pieces, there’s a richness in textures and sensations in each one of them, they are so far…

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