Going back – looking forward

Wisdom, tradition, heritage— the new project on the way.

Juan Yonda
Juan Yonda

Khwen Tama A’: posters inspired in the book of Yuluts Yonda

My bro have gave me the honor to design the pattern for the cover of the version of his book: Khwen Tama A’ which will be published this year by the Education Ministry of Colombia.

This one is the image I’ve created for the project.

Tama_patternIt seems that I’m entering a hypo-maniac state (to sleep 2 hours in a couple of days, have the OCT in high level and create dozens of of works in paper… those are good indications of it.

some extrapolations of the same concept.










The artist

Have been a long time since my last post, between the work as a designer and the prozac my mind can´t focus almost in anything.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working in my fractals, origami and registering my step bro’s work. He is an amazing person, full of great sensibility and talent. It’s making a series to send to NY and beginning some new pieces for a near exposition.

I want to include some of the photos now, maybe because I want his son to see his dad working. Keep an eye on his work.

Khwen Tama A’: Nasa Yuwe’s graphical narration from Yuluts Yonda

My step bro Yuluts Yonda, an amazing designer from the Nasa Yuwe’s nation, have finished his bachelor’s degree project about one of the main personages in his culture tradition: Juan Tama de la estrella, main chief during the years of the XVIII century.

Is one of the best works in my college this semester. You can see the e-book following the link on the image.

Khwen Tama A' e-book
Khwen Tama A' e-book

Day : Día 38

Homage to Nasa's people.

Everyone will say I’m wrong but for me Guambia and Nasa Yuwe’s land and people reminds me of Scottland, the tone of the sky, the incredible greens, the strength of the mountains and winds, men with skirts. Hard working honest people with a big heart and an amazing love for family and land.
There’s no sea in their territories but amazing lakes, wonderful tales told by the old ones around the flames at the kitchen.

My step bro is a Nasa Yuwe’s designer he gave me the honor to live with his family and people for almost a month. An amazing experience for me to interact with the earth and to sweat under the rain working with his dad or smoking seeing to rain and talking about men’s stuff.

A little homage but full of my heart and thanks.