Khwen Tama A’: posters inspired in the book of Yuluts Yonda

My bro have gave me the honor to design the pattern for the cover of the version of his book: Khwen Tama A’ which will be published this year by the Education Ministry of Colombia.

This one is the image I’ve created for the project.

Tama_patternIt seems that I’m entering a hypo-maniac state (to sleep 2 hours in a couple of days, have the OCT in high level and create dozens of of works in paper… those are good indications of it.

some extrapolations of the same concept.












qubes0_b qubes0_a qubes0_c qubes0d qubes0_e qubes0_f

The good days the darkness is away, the second good ones I can feel it lurking in the back of my head and dripping like cold water slowly through my behavior, thoughts and dreams. Those days let me fight back, try to keep the head above the dark waters. Fight back means medication sometimes, other ones sex, read or create. It’s only the need to focus in something is like being pushed in all directions in the air, try to keep yourself focused and maybe that will keep you safe.

To blue or not to blue that’s the fu***** question

Since the episode with my photography teacher the depression have become something really awful to deal with it. I’ve been taking my prozac, really don’t want to be even worse but even if I really try to keep at bay all the blues… it is still coming like midnight mist.

And besides that, all the powerless feelings are the other two factors I hate of prozac: My libido is dead and my brain is half dead. I feel so stupid, I find too difficult sometimes even to talk, to coordinate ideas; I hate to feel stupid really hat it.

But… I can’t give up, fortunately as usual family is my support.