Double Exposure Talbotype


Taty (salt print)

Tatty (salt print)
Tatty (salt print)

A salt print over galgo’s paper 21×21 cm.

There will be light (salt print)

And there will be light
And there will be light

Back to the analogous world, thanks to Carlos Bernal and Yuluts Yonda for be a constant source of inspiration.

Salt print over strips of metallic photographic paper.


To be in front of the camera is like be in front of a crowd. You feel empowered sometimes, proud others and fragile and exposed in other opportunities.

That’s the feeling behind this series, self exposure, fragility, fear, despair, loneliness. It’s me naked in front of the crowd, a middle age man with some over height, full of fears and complexes I stand like the man of Borge’s tale in front of the battalion ready to shoot.

Is a series of honest portraits, maybe with an excess of honesty, not pretensions, not masks, only me in all my glory and tragedy.

Alternative process | Silvino Gonzalez Morales

Alternative process | Silvino Gonzalez Morales.