Long nights

In Spanish we say: “De noche todos los gatos son pardos”, and sometimes it is true.

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Piyana Pweese’jnxiwe’sx lotteries for learning NasaYuwe

Piisani is proud of our last project, a set of 4 lotteries in Nasa Yuwe, Spanish and English for kids of the region of Tierradentro. To be employed in several country side schools and aboriginal reservations.

Working with Consejo de familia programa semillas de vida DIMF, Asociación de cabildos Nasa Çxhaçxha and Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar ICBF, Regional Cauca.

Under the coordination of Andrea Yulithza Rivera Sánchez.

Translation to Nasa Yuwe by Huber Castro Caliz.

To know more visit: https://www.behance.net/gallery/89737881/Piyana-Pweesejnxiwesx-lotteries-for-learning-NasaYuwe

Design, illustration and translation to English by Silvino González Morales.

Assistant Gustavo Yonda Canencio.

Preparation for the workshops with niece and nephew

Mr Sebas and Mrs. Itsa helping his uncle to create some pop up’s prototypes.

With the support of my unek Gustavo Yonda we dictated some workshops about basic bookbinding and pop ups, at Reservations in Tierradentro, Cauca, Colombia.

Avirama, basic pop ups and bookbinding workshop

Some of the workshops of this year. Basic book binding and basic pop ups. Such a honor and pleasure to work with the people of several Aboriginal Reservations at Tierradentro, Cauca: Vitoncó, Cabuyo, Lame, Avirama.

Thank you so much to the people of @NasaCxhacxha for the invitation and support.

Especially to Carlos Rojas Hurtatiz ( @carlosfdorh58 ), Luis Fernando Anaya Fernández and Natalia Caicedo.

Of course thanks to my nephews for the help, support and inspiration and to my unek Gustavo Yonda for the hard work.

To see more please visit:


Khwen Tama A’: posters inspired in the book of Yuluts Yonda

My bro have gave me the honor to design the pattern for the cover of the version of his book: Khwen Tama A’ which will be published this year by the Education Ministry of Colombia.

This one is the image I’ve created for the project.

Tama_patternIt seems that I’m entering a hypo-maniac state (to sleep 2 hours in a couple of days, have the OCT in high level and create dozens of of works in paper… those are good indications of it.

some extrapolations of the same concept.