Going back – looking forward

Wisdom, tradition, heritage— the new project on the way.

Juan Yonda
Juan Yonda

Winner in the Photographic Salon of Varna in Bulgaria


Your work has made it to the final selection and would be published in the 6th International Photographic Salon Varna 2013 catalog and exhibited to the public during the exhibition!

Currently, on http://www.fotosalonvarna.org, you may find the list of all accepted authors and works.

These are the works that have been selected by our international jury to be published in the Salon’s catalog.

Model Jhon Calderón
Salt print over pearl paper

My first censored project, what a honor


Only for +18 or 21 years, according to your country

Wow it feels strange. My first project censored by popular demand. I feel honored, it fits perfectly with the whole idea behind this project. And I understand why Behance do it, its a surprise they have waited until now for do it.

Sawyer, Apr 15 11:02 am (EDT):
We have received a number of complaints about your project entitled “NSFW.” Please note that, while it is ok for you privately share explicitly sexual (but still legal) creative content on the Behance network with others who are willing recipients, we can’t permit display of content this explicit in our public galleries – even behind the adult wall.
Accordingly, our Community Management Team marked this project “private.” Please learn more about our Community Guidelines (http://www.behance.net/misc/community). If you want to share it privately, please make sure you’re sharing it only with willing recipients who are over 18 and who live in a country where the content you’re sharing is legal.

Double Exposure Talbotype


Fragmentation of the landscape

My smartphone is failing, sometimes it or the memory, whatever destroy the media files, images, videos, even music. Instead of fight against it, I enjoy how it create some kind of random tech art.

Fragmentation of the landscape
Fragmentation of the landscape