Peek a boo – Sabatiers 001

I usually edit some of my images, I do love digital sabatiers and some call backs to traditional processes from my beloved darkroom.

Digital sabatiers of some of the captures of this journey going back to take photographs.

It’s hard to expose yourself in front of the camera. To open yourself and your wounds to everyone, no idea if it is therapeutic, but I feel I need to take the risk again.

Trying to get back, after a long time this is my first attempt to create a photographic project again. Yes, it is about loneliness, sadness, and the everlasting depression that someday will win the battle; but for now, it is my way to try to deal with the darkness inside.

Half brother/sister sibling of my “Fragility” project. To be honest in front of the camera is really hard.

And from a technical perspective is really hard to be model and photographer but also is a chance to use imagination to achieve goals.

Quarantine at the Reservation – Chronicles of COVID19





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