Khwen Tama A’: posters inspired in the book of Yuluts Yonda

My bro have gave me the honor to design the pattern for the cover of the version of his book: Khwen Tama A’ which will be published this year by the Education Ministry of Colombia.

This one is the image I’ve created for the project.

Tama_patternIt seems that I’m entering a hypo-maniac state (to sleep 2 hours in a couple of days, have the OCT in high level and create dozens of of works in paper… those are good indications of it.

some extrapolations of the same concept.










There will be light (salt print)

And there will be light
And there will be light

Back to the analogous world, thanks to Carlos Bernal and Yuluts Yonda for be a constant source of inspiration.

Salt print over strips of metallic photographic paper.

My bro is painting again

To be surrounded of art in many ways is a honor and a pleasure. From my dad and his jazz to my mom and her need to sing and dance, to my sister and her love for ballet or my bro and his love for writers fro Russia.

Now my godson is playing the piano and the drums again and my step bro Yuluts is back to the paint world.

Some preview of his last paint.

The artist

Have been a long time since my last post, between the work as a designer and the prozac my mind can´t focus almost in anything.

In the meanwhile I’ve been working in my fractals, origami and registering my step bro’s work. He is an amazing person, full of great sensibility and talent. It’s making a series to send to NY and beginning some new pieces for a near exposition.

I want to include some of the photos now, maybe because I want his son to see his dad working. Keep an eye on his work.