Photograph to be exposed in Vermont

Congratulations! Your work has been chosen for the juried exhibition LOOKING BACK: THE ART OF NOSTALGIA at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont. Juror Mary Ann Lynch chose forty photographs for the gallery exhibition, from over 750 photographs submitted. In addition to being in the gallery exhibition, your work will also be available for viewing on the PhotoPlace Gallery website. excited.

Looking Back: The Art of NostalgiaImage process,alternative process

A brief review of a beautiful vintage book: Paeces por paeces.

The book is an unique compilation of portraits of Nasa people (Paeces as were called by the Spanish Conquerors) taken by the Nasa people itself. It’s not some anthropological compilation of characters; it is almost a familiar album of the people registering friends, relatives and day to day life.

Fragmentation of the landscape

My smartphone is failing, sometimes it or the memory, whatever destroy the media files, images, videos, even music. Instead of fight against it, I enjoy how it create some kind of random tech art.

Fragmentation of the landscape
Fragmentation of the landscape