Pop up books: Recycle, re use and creation for kids and adults

I’ve tried to work with the kids to teach them that fun is not something you can buy on the store. that creativity don’t arrives in shinny boxes but it is a muscle you need to exercise, to nurture and to use.

I’ve found on the trash this box of candies of the Angry birds and decided to make a pop up card / book / scene for the kids as a way to show them possibilities around recycle and reuse of materials.

Then Mr. Ivan, decided to create a new book / card / scene with me, he as the illustrator and director and me as the paper engineer. you can see the fruit of our efforts.

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Artista de la semana – Artist of the week

Carlos Bernal is another of those great artists whom I have the pleasure to know and some times to work side by side. Is an ecclectic mixture between art and technical approach to design. Is also a great friend and musician, member of the band DemonQuest.

Now I want to share some few of his works:

Personal photography
Personal photography
Handmade Illustration
Handmade Illustration
Chocos brand
Choco's brand

Meltingpot, new number nuevo número…

Melting Pot prepara su siguiente número, el tema es Ecología, como siempre cualquier clase de trabajo artístico es válido, música, fotografía, video, ilustración, escrito, etc.

La invitación fue diseñada por :iconkukay: la nueva coeditora del Ezine.
Como siempre esperamos contar con el trabajo de nuestros leales amigos y encontrar nuevos.

Comentarios e ideas son bienvenidos.

Meltingpot is close to a new number, the theme is Ecology, as ever any kind of artistic interpretation is a valid one, video, music, photography, illustration, writing, etc.

This teaser is the work of  the new co-editor of the e-zine. As ever we want to count with our loyal friends and new ones.

As ever comments, ideas, critics, kisses, etc, are most welcomed.

More info or doubts in / Más información o preguntas en : meltingpotezine@gmail.com.

Made for Kuhkay
Made for Kuhkay
Hecho por Kuhkay.
Hecho por Kuhkay.