Run from the hills

Run from the hills
Run from the hills, run for your life

Ghostly man : Hombre fantasmagórico

New mini photo essay, still around city’s life, speed, and how everyone transforms in a blur, in a ghost to the others and sometimes to ourselves.
Nuevo mini ensayo, aun girando alrededor d ela vida citadina, la velocidad y como nos transformamos en borrones, en fantasmas para lo otros y a veces para nosotros mismos.

Artist of the week – Artista de la semana: Dicaloka

Mrs. Alracón is a beautiful woman, a great artist, a beloved friend, a wonderful human being. Versatile and always exploring his art is an inspiration ever. This is my little homage and my way to tell her: Thanks for be my friend cara.

And now, some of his works.

An artists soul.
An artist's soul.
Alter egos illustration work.
Alter ego's illustration work.
Alter egos illustration work.
Alter ego's illustration work.
Dicalokas surrealism
Dicaloka's surrealism
Dicalokas photo work.
Dicaloka's photo work.
Dicaloka photographic work.
Dicaloka photographic work.

Artist of the week :.: Artista de la semana Zursoif

Im a geek comic’s fan. I really love them and believe they are one great form of expression: V for Vendetta, Arkham Asylum, Sin City, 300, Watchmen, Killing Joke, Sandman, Hellblazer, etc.; the great pieces of  visual and wrote excellence are endless.

Miguel Bustos is one of those great artists I have the honor to know and to consider a friend, his work even full of influences is original, awesome and compelling. Maybe some day I will finish the script I´ve been keeping in standbye for him, will be one of the greatest honor to work elbow to elbow.

P.S. He have already won the prize: “Sin formato” (without format), my city gives every year in comics branch, with his comic “El fin” (The end).

His gallery: ZURSOIF, and some of his work.

Zursoif works
Zursoifs work
Zursoif's work